You’re a World Builder

There is a fantasy that you’ll create something, post it online, and someone will randomly come across it and buy it.

Okay, it’s not that much of a fantasy but it does happen, but I think there is a better approach to this.

Your business isn’t simply a shop that people randomly come across. Your business is a world that you’re building.

Don’t let that scare you.

What I mean is that everything that you do is part of this world building. When you post a picture on Instagram of your creations you’re creating a world.

You’re wanting people to see the creation and imagine it in their lives.

When someone comes across a sticker they don’t simply buy the sticker. They buy the idea of where they’re going to put the sticker. They’re thinking about the reaction other people will have when they see the sticker.

They’ve built up a whole world that doesn’t exist yet and it can’t exist until they buy what you’re making.

And you’re goal is to show up every day and show them this world.

This is a simple sticker to most people but because of the world that I’m building, it’s a motto for the inhabitants of my world.

They see themselves as the people who are meant to stick out so this is their rallying cry.

They don’t see a sticker. They see themselves.

Because if we’re being honest, what we want to do is to get our people to see the things that we create as a necessity in their lives. Do they need them? Most people don’t, but the people that enter our world definitely do.

They just have to see that the world that is meant for them exists. The question is how do you make that happen?

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