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Create to Make Money or Make Money to Create

Ready to Grow Your Online Store and Build a Living Through Your Creations?

It’s possible to make a living through creating the things that bring you joy.

In this 5-day email course I’ll show you how I approached the creation of my own Shopify store The Gray Muse.

Because I know that you find joy in creating and if you could make money from your creations, how is that not the perfect world?

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Creating brings joy to life.

And thanks to the Internet anyone is given the opportunity to create and you know what happens when you start to create.

You start to envision the amazing business that you can build. But the problem is that not everyone is going to see your creations the way that you do.

Just because you open up a Shopify store and put beautiful things on it doesn’t mean your people will come flocking to you to buy everything out.

It takes a little bit of work, but it’s not that bad if you do the right things.

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Hi, I’m Rubeena

Some wonderful stuff that will be said about Rubeena. Probably talk about the stars and the moons and the planets and how she ain’t scared of anything.

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