Etsy vs Shopify

When getting start selling physical products online the question always comes up on which is better, Etsy or Shopify?

And it’s a good question to ask and as you read here you’ll find that it doesn’t have to be a this or that kind of question. You might decide that you want to use both or that one is miles better than the other.

That’s what I’m going to help you understand in this guide.


My Story

When I started my product-based brand, The Gray Muse, in 2018 I had little to no skills. I wasn’t an established artist or writer.

I dabbled in crafting illustrations briefly before I decided to create something new that wanted to come into physical form.

It took some practice, a lot of courage and faith to launch my business. I had no idea what to expect, but one thing you might be able to relate to is a desire to share something that comes from within.

Whether it’s channeled from the divine or your personal journey, I bet you can create to that feeling of creating something and wanting to share it with the world.

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