There Is No Secret Lab

I know the idea of working in a secret lab on your stuff until one day you release it to the world feels like a solid approach.

And it might just work.

But part of getting people to be part of your world is showing them all aspects of it. People want to see what goes into the creation of your art. Not only what you do but how do you do it?

There is no reason to keep it secret.

In the start-up world, they call this working in public and it’s even more important for creatives to take this approach. When your audience sees behind the scenes they feel a part of something bigger than themselves.

They feel as though you have made them an important aspect of the creation process.

It also helps to shape the story of the things that you’re creating.

When you let people behind the scenes and follow along on your creation journey, they get an idea of WHY you’re creating what you’re creating.

This adds to the lore of each piece.

Will everyone get it? No, but everyone isn’t supposed to get it.

The goal is to build True Fans who become obsessed with what you do because they know they belong in your world. Which means we need to figure out how to build True Fans for this world that we are creating.

What’s Next? The Power of True Fans