The Power of True Fans

Have you read the essay 1000 True Fans? The gist is that if you can get 1,000 people to pay you $100 a year, you can make a solid living.

These True Fans are the ones that follow everything that you do and buy most of what you create. They follow you on social media, leave comments, share what you’re doing with others, and buy what pops up on your store.

You’re building a world for these True Fans because they will drive your business forward.

Do you want thousands of people to buy from you? Yes, but the truth is that you only need a core group of people to drive things over the edge.

Because the truth is that people buy from people and it’s a lot easier for a friend to explain the awesomeness of your world than it will be for you to explain it all over again.

We like to travel in tribes. It’s the DNA that was passed down to us from our ancestors (for better or worse). When people see their friends enjoying something they want to get in on it as well.

And when someone falls in love with what you’re doing and they feel as though they are part of your world, then guess what happens? They share it with their friends because they want their friends to join your world as well.

Taylor Swift isn’t Taylor Swift because she reached out to each individual fan. It’s because her True Fans create other True Fans.

This means that your focus should be on building True Fans and you’ll be surprised at how the rest begins to take care of itself.